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im not dead (yet)

2010-05-02 18:32:04 by mansaman

hey guys.its been a LONG time since my last post.and when i say long i mean im back and ive done some crap since my last post buy the most major thing is that ive gotted every single sonic game ever released in the USA.


and i have allmost all the jazzwares figures.and i gotten back into the yugioh TGC.if anyone wants to duel let me know and ill give you my skype.OH and another this is that ived had a head cold for like the past year.but this post is nothing to major.just an update.

im not dead (yet)

Brawl card

2009-03-18 19:51:02 by mansaman

wazzup i just got my brawl card! <img src=" s/cards/wd3qo2vm.png" border="0" /><br />Click here to level up my card!